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How many years did the lunch lady work for the school?

Two days after Christmas, she received a letter from the local school district where she had worked as a lunch lady for 26 years. She was informed that as of Jan. 25 she will have used up her allotted sick days.

Who saved school lunch in Huntington?

But over the next few years, McCoy accomplished exactly what Oliver had set out to do himself: She saved school lunch in Huntington and proved that cafeteria food isn’t destined to be a national joke. To those unfamiliar with the absurdist theater of school lunch, it is puzzling, even maddening, that feeding kids nutritious food should be so hard.

Why was Mascoma Valley's lunch lady fired?

Mascoma Valley Regional High School lunch lady Bonnie Kimball was fired for letting a boy take an $8 lunch when his account was empty. (Photo: Twitter) For five years, Bonnie Kimball's job serving students at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan, New Hampshire, lunch was her life.

What kind of person is Lunchlady Doris?

Lunchlady Doris (voiced by the late Doris Grau) is Springfield Elementary School lunchlady. She is a lousy, passive smoker. She is not a very enthusiastic towards her job.

How much did the Reagan administration cut the school lunch budget?

The Reagan administration slashes the school-lunch budget by 25 percent, or $1.46 billion. With fewer federal dollars, schools buy cheaper, more processed food and allow “competitive foods” (like cookies and candy) to be sold outside the official lunch line. 2010.

What did Nixon say about the school lunch budget?

1984. The Reagan administration slashes the school-lunch budget by 25 percent, or $1.46 billion.

What was Jamie Oliver's health problem?

Huntingtonians were suffering in record numbers from diabetes and heart disease. They were being destroyed by the mountains of burgers and fries and nuggets ...

How many kids are fed in the National School Lunch Program?

You cook it. You serve it to hungry kids. Yet the National School Lunch Program, an $11.7 billion behemoth that feeds more than 31 million children each day, is a mess, and has been for years. Conflicts of interest were built into the program.

What percentage of students were unhappy with Oliver's food?

Shortly after Oliver left, a study by the West Virginia University Health Research Center reported that 77 percent of students were “very unhappy” with his food. Students who relied on school meals for nearly half of their daily calories routinely dumped their trays in the trash.

When was school lunch introduced?

A Brief History of School Lunch. 1946. The National School Lunch Act is enacted, with the support of the military (which was worried, post-World War II, about having enough healthy recruits to defend the nation) and of the farming industry (which stood to make a lot of money).

Is school lunch a disgrace?

But school lunch is still a disgrace, and the timidity of Congress is largely to blame. In 2011, the USDA proposed limiting the amount of potatoes and other starchy vegetables permitted in school lunches so that cafeterias could make room for healthier options.

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